Government Partners

The wildlife rescue activities of Tasikoki operate as a collaboration between the Masarang Foundation and the North Sulawesi Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources (Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya alam Sulawesi Utara – BKSDA SULUT) under the Directorate of Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems of the Ministry of Environment & Forestry

The collaboration involves investigations of wildlife trade, confiscations, chain of custody for wildlife as evidence in legal proceedings, releases/reintroductions of wildlife and sea turtle conservation work.

BKSDA SULUT is the provincial wildlife management authority and responsible for all legal matters pertaining to wildlife and ecosystem conservation. Together with other NGOs in the region, Tasikoki also supports education and conservation efforts with BKSDA in North Sulawesi including Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Tasikoki assists care/rehabilitation of injured wildlife in Tangkoko when needed.

Tasikoki also works together with the forestry & wildlife crime unit and local police divisions for wildlife crime investigations and arrest of traffickers and traders.

The Manado Forestry Research Institute (Balai Penelitian Kehutanan Manado – BPK) maintains a collection of Sulawesi dwarf buffalo (Anoa) for breeding research and management of ex-situ conservation. Tasikoki supports the BPK with husbandry and veterinary matters in collaboration with Zoo Leipzig, who manage the studbook for Anoa.