Schools Programme

388696_457979590936674_1996167604_nLocal Schools Programme:

Focussed upon activities at the education centre, teachers and school children are hosted on a regular basis as part of the environmental education programme. Through a mixture of video presentations, slideshows, games and discussion, local students are taught the importance of the local ecosystem, what is unique about the local endemic flora and fauna, why the wildlife and forests are protected by law and what the legal protection means. Further topics, such as awareness of pollution and waste management are also covered. School groups are also offered access to a guided tour, similar to the day visitor tours, whereby the  maximum group size for these tours is restricted to 10-20 people. Education programmes run independently and also in collaboration with other NGOs as well as government agencies.


International Schools Programme:

Service Learning Opportunities are on offer to international schools and universities who provide residential trips to their students. Accommodation at the Tasikoki Visitor & Education Centre is typically at the lodge, whereby up to 3 of the 5 suites can be converted into dormitories for the duration of the trip to be able to host up to 18 students. The trip itinerary offers a mixture of work, recreation and learning, and typically runs for 6 nights, although we have run longer programmes for 2-3 weeks. Students assist the volunteers at the rescue centre for some of their activities as well as some pre-determined project work throughout the week. During the course of the trip, there are opportunities for excursions to other Masarang projects (e.g. reforestation and sustainability projects in the Minahasan Highlands, as well as a sea turtle nesting beach) and other activities such as snorkelling and climbing one of the local volcanoes. A packet of curriculum modules is under development in collaboration with Masarang HK Society Limited with teachers from the European Schools Federation of Hong Kong to maximise the educational experience of international  students.


English Schools foundation

PPS Tasikoki has been working in partnership with the English Schools Foundation Hong Kong to create teaching and learning programmes.  E.S.F  has been sending students to PPS Tasikoki since 2012.

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