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“Rehabilitation and reintroduction of wildlife requires safe release sites – which the Masarang Foundation can establish with the support of the local community"


Only through involving and engaging the local people can we achieve our mission for nature


“Biodiversity loss is a serious threat to the survival of our ecosystems. It can be stopped and we can restore the balance if we act now.”


"Thousands of animals from all over Indonesia are smuggled through Sulawesi, making this a hotspot for the illegal wildlife trade. We need to ensure strong law enforcement to stop this.”


“Mother Nature loved the birds, so she made the trees. Man loved the birds, so he made the cage. If it has to be a cage, let’s make it semi-natural and fully enriched”


“Thanks to many volunteer from all over the world, we have been able to generate capacity and continuity in our work, as well as inspire local volunteers to become involved”


Sulawesi has a remarkable diversity of terrestrial flora and fauna and rich coastal marine life. Since the unique island sits on Wallace's Line it harbors species of both Asian and Australasian ancestors,

Species at Tasikoki