Bird Rescue Wallacea and Papua

Due to the huge traffic of illegal trade in birds from Malluku and Papua, most of the wildlife at Tasikoki are of the feathered kind.  These are mainly Lories, Parrots and Cockatoos that are smuggled through North Sulawesi either on their way to the Philippines or to the bird markets in Java. We also see a certain amount of Cassowaries, Hornbills and Eagles in the trade.

Tasikoki has been fortunate to receive support for this work from the World Parrot Trust, in particular for the rescue and rehabilitation of Red and Blue Lories (Eos histrio).

We are always looking for further support to assist with the rescue and care of our feathered friends, such as general care volunteers, vet nurses and avian vets, someone who can donate specialist avian care materials, or general funds to operate our rescue centre and wildlife clinic.  Please consider volunteering with us or see our Support page for more details on donating to our project.

The quickest and easiest way to help to help these rescued birds of Wallacea and Papua is via our dedicated simply giving page.