Sulawesi Macaque Rehabilitation and Sanctuary

Almost nowhere in the world are macaques popular with locals who share their environment. These territorial, group-forming, highly intelligent and adaptable primates are considered pest species by local farmers and rural villagers. Conservation for these endangered monkeys is a highly challenging task.

Sulawesi is home to at least seven endemic species of macaque and they are all threatened with extinction thanks to a combination of habitat loss and in some cases trapping and hunting for bushmeat.

In the Manado-Bitung-Tomohon region over the past 10 years almost two hundred Sulawesi macaques, mainly M.nigra, M.nigrescens and M.hecki have been rescued from the trade or as illegal pets.

We constantly have to develop more and larger sanctuary facilities at Tasikoki to house these monkeys, as release prospects are relatively low due to limited options in habitat, lack of funding for the resources needed and lack of social-political support for release of such species. Return to the wild is not completely ruled out, and we are trying to develop opportunities and support to get some of these groups back to the forest.

We are always looking for further support to assist with the rescue and care of our monkey friends, such as general care volunteers, vet nurses and vets, someone who can donate specialist primate care materials, or general funds to operate our rescue centre and wildlife clinic. Please consider volunteering with us or see our Support page for more details on donating to our project.