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Day Visitors / Tours

Day Tours:


Day visitors are welcomed at the education centre building from where the tour begins with an overview of the work of the Masarang Foundation and the wildlife rescue activities at Tasikoki, and finishes at the lodge with opportunities to see the panoramic view from the observation tower. Some of the wildlife enclosures will be visited, but several areas are restricted to avoid stress to the wildlife under rehabilitation.

Species likely to be seen include wildlife endemic to Sulawesi such as babirusa, as well as a variety of non- native species confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade along the smuggling route out of Indonesia across  the border to the Philippines. Examples include a host of bird species from Papua and the Molluccan Islands as well as Bornean wildlife such as sunbears and orangutans.  Please be aware that at no point are visitors permitted to touch, feed or in any other way interact with the wildlife.  Professional photographers are asked to donate any photos taken on site for educational use.  No entrance fee is charged to day-visitors, but you are welcome to buy souvenirs, t-shirts and make a donation.