Day Visitors / Tours

Day Tours

PPS TASIKOKI is a visitor and education centre as well as a rescue facility. As such we offer visitors the opportunity to see and understand all aspects embodied by PPS TASIKOKI. By prior appointment only, we welcome visitors to our education centre, Monday to Friday at 10am for a two hour guided tour followed by an optional lunch at our Eco lodge.

Starting at the education centre we will provide a little information about the biodiversity of Indonesia, the beginnings of Willie Smit’s efforts at Tasikoki and the aims & goals of the centre before taking you through certain parts of the wildlife rescue centre. Finishing at the lodge you will have time to admire the panoramic views and enjoy some refreshments or stay a while longer and join us for lunch.

Before booking a day tour, please read the important notes below. For more details or to book a tour please email:

Important Notes


  • It is important to note that TASIKOKI does not define the DAY TOUR as offering a viewing experience of the species on site. We pride ourselves in striving for rehabilitation & release for wildlife whenever possible which entails certain rules and regulations to safeguard success. When wildlife enters the facilities without being eligible for the rehabilitation & release program, we aim to then keep them safe and apply care in accord with the 5 freedoms of animal welfare. Therefore, we cannot allow interaction between the visitors and the wildlife on site, nor do we allow visitation of any animals that are especially sensitive to zoonosis, stress, or habituation.
  • Day tour schedule (3hrs): 10.00a.m. until 12.00p.m. guided tour. After the tour of the site, we invite guests to have lunch with the guide at the lodge between 12.00 p.m. and 13.00 p.m. We encourage a minimum donation of Rp 200.000 per person for the Day Tour, including lunch (vegetarian dishes with the occasional locally sourced fish). If visitors opt out of lunch, we still ask for the minimum donation as described above. Donation receipts will be issued.
    If a delayed arrival occurs, the guided tour may commence with other DAY TOUR guests. Consequently, the guide can choose not to accommodate those late arrivals and ask to reschedule on a later date. To avoid this situation, guests must arrive at the education centre at 10.00a.m and should always seek contact with Tasikoki as soon as they have information regarding delays.
  • Tasikoki holds the right to alter or cancel bookings when unexpected events require a shift in priorities on site resulting in altered availability. If bookings are made that are in conflict with Tasikoki guidelines or availability, an alternative date will always be proposed. In the event of bookings resulting in a ‘No Show’, TASIKOKI holds the right to request a donation for those tours that were delayed and subsequently cancelled.
  • Day tour days: Monday – Friday. No tours can be offered on weekend days or during public holidays due to staff days off and other staff activities. In the occurrence of bookings made on weekend days, TASIKOKI holds the right to ask for alternative date proposals or to annul the booking.
  • For safety of the guests and the wildlife we hold a limit of 6-8 persons per guide. If this number is exceeded, we cannot guarantee the safety.
  • We ask visitors to be considerate of our mission and wildlife rescue facility. This entails certain behavioural guidelines to keep visitors and wildlife safe & to make the visitation most enjoyable for all parties involved:

– We ask visitors to always follow the instructions of the guide.
– We ask visitors not to litter the site.
– We ask visitors to refrain from flash photography.
– No one is allowed to interact with the wildlife at PPS Tasikoki.
– When following the tour, visitors remain on the paved roads and should not walk elsewhere without consulting the guide first.
– When entering the rescue facility, a safe distance should always be kept between wildlife and persons.
– Wildlife may not be touched or fed.
– In the event of an emergency, the visitors must follow instructions from the guide.
– If the guide alters parts of the tour due to unforeseen circumstances, visitors should always adhere to these alterations.

  • Take only photos leave only footprints.