Anoa and Babirusa Endangered Species Recovery

Both the Sulawesi dwarf buffalo (Bubalus sp. Known as the Anoa) and the Sulawesi Deer-pig (Babyrousa sp. Known as the Babirusa) are locally extinct in most of the Minahasa region of North Sulawesi due to unsustainable hunting for bushmeat. Occasionally some live specimens are confiscated in the trade and can become members of endangered species recovery programmes, which includes ex-situ captive breeding for reintroduction as well as in-situ conservation programmes in prime habitat areas.

Tasikoki is designated by the provincial wildlife authority as the official Babirusa conservation centre of North Sulawesi province and works together with other institutions on both Anoa and Babirusa conservation issues.

Tasikoki is also consulting for the official government Anoa Breeding Centre in Manado together with Zoo Leipzig who are both the international and european studbook holders for the Anoa.